This has been created to help share my experiences with the fitness industry & my personal story to where i am now. Helping to encourage & motivate you to start and succeed in your own journey.

So get reading guys!!!


    If we were honest with ourselves we all have those days we either feel bloated, thrumpy or just plain fat. Don’t lie to me how many of us go on Facebook, Instagram to see other peoples perfect physiques & spend the whole day self loathing and hating ourselves, most likely while demolishing every snack in the house ? We all have these days its a part of life & if anyone tells you
Hi everyone Welcome to a new type of blog uncovering my failures within the fitness industry, pushing me to the simple yet biggest truths. My hope is by sharing these i help encourage & motivate you to succeed on your own journey to feel fantastic. I can promise you two things: 1. No bulls**t just someone wanting to share their journey and insight with you. 2. We are going to have a great time along
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