Those fat days


We all have fat days


If we were honest with ourselves we all have those days we either feel bloated, thrumpy or just plain fat. Don’t lie to me how many of us go on Facebook, Instagram to see other peoples perfect physiques & spend the whole day self loathing and hating ourselves, most likely while demolishing every snack in the house ?

We all have these days its a part of life & if anyone tells you any different then they are totally bulls**ting you, i am having a day right now while I’m typing this. Feeling just bloated and uncomfortable with my body but staying away from the snack bowl as this achieves nothing, instead choosing to clean the house, do some work, anything mentally or physically stimulating.

I wish i could tell you that this feeling goes away but unfortunately that’s not the case however what can change is your mentality and behavior towards it. Instead of looking at a snapshot of peoples life’s on social media or TV then making that comparison with how your feeling right at that moment (remember a feeling comes & goes, it should never be how we gauge yourself ourselves) look at your own personal journey to see how far you have come in life or just take a small step of progress on that day (something as simple as starting to drink more water everyday).  It dosen’t have to be earth shattering or life changing just something that will help you feel better in yourself.

My own journey has been a very long one with many bumps in the road, am i done? Nowhere near, but am i happy with the progress i have made so far? Absolutely. And so you guys should be too, there is always room to improve and better ourselves but just remember our physical appearance is only a very small part of our life, not our whole life.


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