Learn how too:

. Train only once per week

. Loose weight while still eating the foods you love

. Get maximum results from only 20 minutes work

. Become the best you possible



This is where I come in, my name is Stevan Downs and over the last few years I have trained people of all shapes and sizes towards their personal health and fitness goals. When training clients I have been absolutely shocked at the kind of advice and help trainers have given to them in the past.

So I wanted to do something and offer a service that you as members and more importantly as a person can trust in. So what is SDfitness+health, that’s easy I have created a interactive site;

1. Teaching a more effective way to train through individual workout videos.

2. Diet/lifestyle tips on all meals and snacks, along with great meal creations and ideas to help you along your journey.

3. But most importantly one to one help and guidance throughout your entire stay as a member from creating an individual workout program, informative blogs, tasty meal ideas and much much more.

All this at your fingertips because I want you to be happy with your body, achieve success and be the best you possible without having to resort to get fit quick schemes or living a boring, bland and tasteless diet.

Just to highlight how simple this change can be here the video above is my workout I do once a week yes that’s right a 10 minute workout once per week and I’m still getting leaner, stronger and healthier.