A fresh start

Hi everyone

Welcome to a new type of blog uncovering my failures within the fitness industry, pushing me to the simple yet biggest truths. My hope is by sharing these i help encourage & motivate you to succeed on your own journey to feel fantastic. I can promise you two things:

1. No bulls**t just someone wanting to share their journey and insight with you.

2. We are going to have a great time along the way.

I was never the kid who enjoyed an active/sporty lifestyle, instead i was the kid who loved chess, maths & PS2 (no i am not old i am only 29!). I found my way into fitness at 18 when i joined HM Royal Navy from then on i was hooked going on to make every mistake in the book for the next 6+ years (which will be delved into through future blogs). Only around my mid 20s did i come across the method of super slow training, instantly my whole outlook on training and fitness changed. i went from training everyday (sometimes twice a day) along with running most mornings to training only once a week for no longer than 15 minutes, pushing myself both physically and mentally to the limit. This feeling has only gone on to grow with every session and nearly 5 years on my body continues to improve and grow, surprising me and teaching this once fat kid with no confidence that i can be and achieve anything i set my sights on.


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